"You made me confess the fears that I have. But I will tell you also what I do not fear. I do not fear to be alone or to be spurned for another or to leave whatever I have to leave. And I am not afraid to make a mistake, even a great mistake, a lifelong mistake and perhaps as long as eternity too."

— James Joyce (via marijamajah)


I can’t get to sleep here in America, so I figured I’d share some observations.

  • Wow, these foods are amazing, it’s been a endurance run of the entire junk food spectrum and it’s still going. My two step sisters have taken to showing me all the junk food America has. Hersheys chocolate tastes terrible, Lays Chips have a special place in my heart so they are STILL AMAZING. I tried that Jif peanut butter (Or Gif Peanut Butter, depending on your preference) and it wasn’t that bad. Pop Tarts are pretty godlike, I’ll take some back but what the fuck is up with Newman’s Lemonade? Have you guys read the quotes on the side of the carton? I was reading it tonight while looking in the fridge and it was a caption about murdering a gorilla in the jungle.
  • TV is amazing too. There’s about 800 channels and all of them have something I’d like to watch. Today I watched Luckie Louie, Arrested Development, Fox News (it really IS that bad) and Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is a HBO show, it’s hilarious, I’m going to put everyone on to it. It’s super nerdy and in a good way not in that Big Bang Theory Way.
  • Seeing snow for the first time was pretty fucking rad, and given we’re so far away from the cities and pollution, the skies are full of stars.
  • I may or may not be leaving Aspen early with the family to go to California for a while. I have distant family living in Anaheim, 15 minutes from Disneyland and we’re thinking of going to Disneyland and Legoland. If we go to Legoland, I’d fucking die. I grew up wishing to go there and if wishes came true…DEAD.
  • Weed is 100 per cent legal in the state of Colorado, and the place they sell is called The Apothecary. You know, like one from the 1300’s. I’ve also met the next door neighbor who brewed me a drink to cure altitude sickness in what looked like a Harry Potter potion set, mortar and pestle and a bunch of strange liquids. It did work though.






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"What was the happiest moment of your life?"“Eating ass.”“What was the saddest moment of your life?”“Eating ass.”“What’s your best quality?”“Eating ass.”“What’s your worst quality?”“Eating ass.”



Bath time! Xxx








everyone is so nonchalant about the giant fucking frog monster that just perched itself atop their school