Anonymous: I feel like the sjw phase replaced the weeaboo phase for the most part. I would rather deal with a 12 year old screaming baka and kawaii than some sheltered 12 year old yelling at me about how the world works in their bullshit edgy loner "logic"





i’m sorry, but this tweet is the best



i’m sorry, but this tweet is the best




Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg photographed by Nicolas Tikhomiroff, Paris, 1969.



trigger warning!!! be careful when you go outside!!! theres a really bright light outside and it can be really hurtful if you look at it so um..be safe okay!!! it’s not tagged or anything!!! but people call it the sun!!! be safe friends uwu!!

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John Dies At the End, Page 122 Jennifer: Guys, let's not make this a dick-measuring contest, okay?
John: That's good because it wouldn't be no contest at all.
John: That is, I'm referring to my cock being bigger than either of yours.
David: John, I don't think anyone in this vehicle is in the mood to-
Jim: John, let me make one thing clear. Every man is blessed with his gifts from the Lord. One of mine happens to be a penis large enough that, if it had a penis of it's own, my penis's penis would be larger than your penis
John: Fuck all of you. You don't even exist. We're all just a figment of my cock's imagination.




"It actually came from a joke. Cody Rhodes likes to tell a story that when he was a little kid he used to watch me wrestle. I’m
slightly older than Cody, we’re talking three years or something like that, but in his head I’m a really old man. I once walked into the locker room and he was telling the entire locker room that when he was a kid he was watching me wrestling as this character he made up named “Bad News Barrett” who goes around giving out bad news to people. So we all laughed about it and forgot about it. Then I was invited on the JBL and Cole show and they said they wanted to use me on the show and asked if I had any ideas of what to do. So I said you know what, let’s just do Bad News Barrett. I’ll just turn up and give people bad news and then disappear. I got a really good response online and fans were loving the catch phrase “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news” and Vince McMahon saw it and thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. Next thing you know I’m on TV doing it."

— Bad News Barrett on how he got his name

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The first box of the 33 books from the Book Depository arrived today. I’ve started reading a book called ‘John Dies at the End’ by David Wong and it’s really fucking hilarious, holy shit. 

I’ll let you know what I think of all these books when I’m done. I need a new bookcase too, I’ll put a photo up later to prove that point.